"He has made everything beautiful in its time . . . " Ecclesiastes 3:11

'Tis The Season is a blog where you will find anything and everything related to the seasons and holidays throughout the year. More on our authors below:


Jakki currently resides in 'America's Finest City', San Diego, California, with her loving husband, dog and cat. She is a real kid at heart who celebrates each season and holiday to the fullest. She has a special passion for music, movies, traveling and bargain hunting, but enjoys decorating, crafts and baking as well.

Drew currently resides in Richmond, VA with his wife, dog and three cats. He is originally from Long Island, NY and has been up and down the east coast. He is a holiday fanatic who loves to make the most out of each holiday, almost like a Clark Griswald! Drew loves watching movies, listening to music, going to parks, museums and spending time with his family.

Kristin lives in beautiful, rural New Hampshire with her husband and 11 children. She is a full-time homemaker and homeschooler who loves living up north and enjoys all four seasons. Kristin has always loved our American holidays and traditions and that love has been passed down to her children who relish these rituals as well. She also enjoys history, politics, photography, and scrapbooking.