Thursday, September 24, 2009

Visit A Haunted Theme Park

You may have noticed that most, if not all, theme parks throughout the country are gearing up for the fast approaching Halloween season. Most do so by adding Halloween themed attractions, lining their pathways with eerie displays and have frightful characters lurking about the park. Each tries to bring their own unique flair to draw crowds, and it's certainly good for business. Even the zoo's are getting in on the action, offering activities for young kids and exhibits of creepy crawlies and real life animal skulls. With the passing of the busy Summer season, they are still able to lure people of all ages who are looking for some spooky fun! Want to know where you can get in on the action? Follow the link to find a Scaredy Park near you!

For the most part, the amusement parks keep the scares to a minimum, offering family friendly fun. Still, it's a good idea to check with the park you plan to attend ahead of time to make sure it is age appropriate for your little ghoul. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options for adults as well. Halloween is no longer just a holiday for children! More and more local haunted attractions are popping up around the country that are geared toward adults. Most will be advertised around town, but a good website to find local attractions is the Haunted House Directory. These are the kind of high intensity thrills that require parental consent for people under 18. In fact, there are many adults who may not be able to handle these extreme terrors. Proceed with caution, for you may not make it back alive! Muhahahaha...


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