Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Halloween Parade!

Last Saturday we attended a popular local event called the Boulevard Boo! Parade & Carnival. As the title suggests, it is a Halloween parade filled with people dressed in unearthly costumes atop ghastly floats. Although this is only our 2nd time attending the parade, it is sure to be a yearly favorite! The atmosphere is fun and carefree with smiles gracing the faces of everyone lining the street.

This year we were fortunate to get a primo parking space right along the boulevard and were immediately able to find a great spot at the beginning of the parade route. Across the street was Apex Music, a music gear shop, who did a great job entertaining the crowd with upbeat tunes and announcements as each float approached. As for the carnival portion of the event, it was a fun set up of games, rides and shows for the entire family. Here are a few pics...