Monday, October 12, 2009

For A Silly Halloween Poem

My younger sister, Aimee, always had a knack for writing poetry from a very young age. Some were serious while others were just for fun. A few years back she wrote a silly little poem about Halloween, and even now I still think it's pretty cute. A great one for children too!

By Aimee Johnson

The wind blows my hair
As leaves hit the ground
Porch lights are on,
but no one is around

Where's the other children?
Am I just here too soon?
The sky is pitch black
And out is the moon

I must be on time
I think as I roam
I guess I'll try my first house
I'm sure there's someone home

Slowly I walk
Closer to the door
I wait after knocking
And then I wait some more

Confused, I walk away
As I hold my empty sack
Should I try another house?
Or should I just go back?

I'm really craving candy
So I try across the street
When a man finally answers
I sing "Trick or Treat"

The man laughs at my costume
And I start to feel sorrow.
"Oh child, don't you be sad.
Halloween's not til tomorrow!"