Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Hampshire at Peak Fall Color

If you missed or enjoyed the first round, here are a few more! New England is famous for it's fall foliage and it didn't let us down this year -- just brilliant with color and I am in awe wherever I go. This time, I got much closer to the leaves and other flora with photos. I hope you enjoy them and get a "feel" for what we get to live every year.

I will report that we are experiencing below normal temperatures right now in rural New England. That means the leaves will not be with us much longer. This is one reason I grab my camera and get out when I can. Already hard frost has come and killed all my annual flowers and the leaves are quickly following suit.

The fireplace is lit and out come the mittens. Shorts and sandals suddenly seem laughable. Autumn comes quickly and is short in New Hampshire, but we love it and look forward to it every year. It's an amazing way for things to die when you think about it. The leaves COULD just turn brown and fall -- but God gives us this amazing array instead. What purpose could there possibly be other than for our (human) pleasure? What an amazing, loving God we have! Let us know what fall weather/foliage is like where you live!


Jakki said...

Gorgeous color...seems like you were able to really enjoy it this year!