Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To Search For Fall In San Diego

Southern California isn't exactly known for its brilliant foliage, least of all San Diego. We leave that job to the northeast and draw our flocks of visitors in the Spring to gaze upon our dazzling array of wild flowers. Around these parts most people just take a little jaunt up to the mountains when they want to experience Fall splendor as best available to us, but still, if one looks hard enough, traces of Fall can be found scattered about town. Most of our colors come from oak, sycamore, sweet gum and ash trees. Here's a look at an afternoon stroll through Balboa Park and the surrounding area.


Kristin said...

Now, what kind of trees are those again?? LOL. Nice shots.

Jakki said...

Now don't start that again!

Geoff said...

Pretty, but I wouldn't mind waiting another 4 months before having fall arrive.