Monday, November 2, 2009

Featured Music By David Huntsinger

David Huntsinger is a little known, but extremely gifted musician and composer. His style could be compared to George Winston, but he has a style uniquely his own. Most people stumble upon his work by picking up a CD from one of those listening stations found in department and gift stores or from his collections released by the popular Christian publication, Our Daily Bread.

I particularly enjoy his holiday music which is heavily inspired by the beauty of New England. This includes his most popular release, "Autumn In New England". It takes you on a gentle journey, opening with our featured track, "A Ship A-Sailing", which brings to mind the glorious Mayflower on its voyage to the new world. Unfortunately, this is not an easy CD to come by. It has sold out on his website and used copies usually start around $25 on Amazon. You can also find it on eCrater for $34.95. Hopefully it will be available to purchase on his website once again, but just in case, better get it while you can!


Linda said...

Jakki, this is such a lovely album...I have had it for years; found it at a Music Stop, or whatever the CD outlet was called, at one of the Tanger Outlet malls. Did you know there is a second album, "New England by Piano"? It's a little bit of a cheat, as two of the cuts on it are from Autumn in New England. He also did the "Piano Winterlude" album that they used to sell at Michaels many years ago.

Kristin said...

Hmmm . . . I don't think I have this. ::tapping foot::

Jakki said...

Linda, I agree, it is such a lovely album and one I look forward to pulling out every Fall! I was lucky enough to find a copy at a thrift store and you better believe I grabbed it up! My first exposure to David Huntsinger was his album, "Christmas In Manhattan". I picked it up on cassette years ago. I'm amazed at how many holiday albums he has for sale on his website!

Kristin, you should have it, but apparently your monkeys got their hands on the disc and hid it in the trees.