Monday, November 16, 2009

Featured Music By The Martins

It seems every popular artist has released a Christmas album at some time or another, but there are very few albums with a Thanksgiving theme. Believe me, I've looked and have only come up with a handful. One of the more exceptional compilations is GRATEFUL HEARTS, released by the Spring Hill Music Group. It features popular Christian artists such as Sandi Patti, Kathy Troccoli, Babbie Mason & Charles Billingsley. Our featured song, "Calling All Hearts", is performed by The Martins.

Unfortunately, the CD version of this album is out of print and actually, I have the original version of this compilation, "Heart Of Thanksgiving", which is even harder to find and contains a slightly different tracklisting. The good news is, along with hunting down used copies of the CD, you can sample and purchase an mp3 version of the album on Amazon. At least this allows you access to the music right away, as Thanksgiving is quickly creeping up on us. It certainly is a rare treat to have something so uplifting to celebrate the Thanksgiving season with!