Monday, December 21, 2009

Easy Last-Minute Christmas Crafts

We are in the last week before Christmas and, if your kids are anything like mine, they are probably driving you a little bonkers with their pent-up energy. I think my kids are going to BURST from excitement, so I have had to come up with some fun things to occupy them as they eagerly await the BIG DAY.

These are just some fun, easy crafts that anyone can do and all they require is paper and crayons!

The first are paper chains. Perhaps you remember these from your own childhood? This is a super-easy version and you can pretty much design anything you want for them -- I had a lot of fun designing these for my younger kids, who are a bit young to design and cut, but were very happy to color:

Here are the basic instructions. Make sure that you fold your paper into an "M" shape and that the arms of your characters go to the very edges of the paper:

After cutting them out, color and design them any way you want!

I found this other printable online. It is a Christmas angel that you print out, color, cut-out and then wrap around and tape so that she can stand up. I used card-stock for her and she makes a lovely centerpiece. I have included the link for this project and while you are at the site, check out all the other really beautiful printouts for all seasons (or if you just like angels and fairies.)

One last printable, also found online -- a beautiful nativity to print and color! My 12-year-old daughter really enjoyed this one. She did the cutting and easy taping together and we have it displayed on a shelf. Again, we used card-stock for this:

We thank the host sites very much for sharing such wonderful printouts with the public and we at 'Tis the Season hope that these little crafts help brighten your Christmas season (and keep the kiddies occupied even for just a few hours.)