Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy LEON Day!

Did you know that June 25th is LEON day? LEON is NOEL spelled backwards and marks the half-way point until Christmas! That means it has been six months since Christmas and it is six months until Christmas!

Some may think it is too early to start thinking about Christmas, but I think it is a great time to start planning and crafting. The earlier you start the better, as crafts take a bit of time to finish and are usually the last thing you have time for when the season actually approaches. It's also a great remedy for the boredom your children may experience as those lazy summer days settle in.

As for me, I have decided to pick up some cross-stitching. I used to love it dearly but have found less time to devote to it over the past few years. Being in great need of fresh stock, I ventured over to Michael's for some new floss, bobbins, and needles. Thankfully, I have plenty of patterns to choose from, which makes it all the more fun! If this is a craft you've ever been interested in learning, there are plenty of starter kits to choose from that include all the materials needed to finish a project. The same is true for many other crafts as well, so why not try something new?

It's also not a bad time of the year to begin your Christmas budgeting. Of course for gifts, but also other activities that you may have always wanted to do around the holidays. If you've ever wanted to make a trip to the mountains or the big city, why not make that reservation today? Eliminate the stress of the holidays by being mindful of your finances. That extra money you put aside now will be a blessing when that glorious season sneaks up on us.

But let's also not forget to enjoy the season we are life to the fullest by enjoying every facet of every season and all it has to offer!


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

It's my birthday today, so Christmas is always my "half" birthday! :-)

I've never heard of it being called "Leon" day.

Jakki said...

Well, Happy Birthday then!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday, Laurie! But, OY, I can't think of the year as being half-over already -- Noooo!! But I do shop for Christmas all year long.