Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honoring Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful, hardworking dads out there! It seems mothers often receive the majority of affection and praise from their children, so I believe it is important to remind our fathers just how much we appreciate everything they do. Their job is often thankless, as it may mean providing financially or fixing things up around the house. Those aren't exactly tasks that elicit obvious attention, but are praiseworthy nonetheless.

For a featured song we have chosen a track called "Father's Love" by Bob Carlisle. It can be found on his album "Best Of: Butterfly Kisses & Other Stories". I have to say though, it was not easy to find a song that actually showed appreciation to dads. Although it may seem that good fathers are few and far between, I think it really just goes to show the deep effect that a child's relationship with their father has. I think we could all agree, whether you're a son or daughter, nothing can quite cause pride to swell up like knowing our dad is proud of us. It actually seems to reflect that hope to one day hear our Heavenly Father say, "well done, good and faithful servant".

If you have a good father don't take it for granted! Be sure to take this opportunity to shower him with the love and respect he deserves. Take him out and treat him like a king - we all know it's how he envisions himself anyway (ha)! We all need those moments where we know that all our hard work is not in vain. Sometimes all it takes is a thank you. May this be a truly blessed day for all of you!