Monday, October 4, 2010


Oktoberfest is a German festival held each year in late September or early October. It's basically an annual Fall festival, associated with the consumption of beer and traditional German foods, along with general merrymaking. This past weekend my husband and I spent our Saturday at the La Mesa Oktoberfest here in San Diego. It's quite a large event, claiming to be the largest Oktoberfest West of the Mississippi River. It contains 8 blocks of food, carnival rides, vendors and live music, and has become a tradition for many families in the San Diego area. This is only our second year attending, but I suspect it will become a yearly tradition for us as well. Here is a look at some of the highlights of the day.

We arrived by trolley to avoid the traffic and parking hassle. The stop was right in the middle of the event, which was the only way to go!

First things first, time for some lunch! It wouldn't be Oktoberfest without bratwurst!

Topped with sauerkraut and grilled onions - YUM!

Caramel apples - I'll take one of each!

Fresh baked bread

Looking at some festive arts and crafts...

One of my favorite parts is stopping at Act II Consignment and looking at all the jewelry and accessories...

Everything is a dollar, buy 10 get 1 free!

Listening to the Bavarian Beer Garden Band...

Doing the chicken dance...

Eating Carne Asada Fries

Time to go, but not without one last look at the beautiful sky.

Can't leave without a bag of fresh kettle corn!

And yes, this will all get eaten in the days to come!


Kristin said...

Looks like fun, but not that bratwurst! The rest of the food (esp. the carmel apples) look good. I'm sure it was nice to get out.