Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend + My Birthday!

Memorial Day Weekend has passed, but it was a super fun time for us and the weather could not have been more cooperative! My birthday was also the day after, so my husband had a total of 4 days off. Although we spent a lot of our time relaxing by the pool, one of the highlight events was the Santee Street Fair, located in our own town! It seemed to be the only major event going on that weekend, so we felt especially blessed to have it so close to home. So close in fact, that we were able to ride our bikes and avoid trying to find a parking space.

We had never been to the Santee Street Fair and had little expectation. It turned out to be a grand event, with the crowd to prove it! All the usual vendors, food, carnival rides and games were there, along with live music and lots of freebies! We stayed most of the afternoon and left with a large bag of kettle corn and caramel apples in tow. It was basically reminiscent of our loot from Oktoberfest!

On Sunday my husband surprised me with dinner and live jazz downtown San Diego. It was quite lively, since most people had Monday off for the holiday. The jazz band was Archie & The Archtones, and they were excellent and highly entertaining! The crowd was definitely enthusiastic, which added to the overall enjoyment. An energetic crowd can really make a difference, to both the listeners and players.

Monday was a bit more low key, but we made sure to take some time to remember the many soldiers who have fought and died for our freedom. After all, this is the whole point of the holiday, and not just another excuse for a day off of work. I felt it was important to reflect once again on how blessed we are as a nation and how much we owe to our military. Still, we did some of the usual activities, such as have a BBQ and go swimming. We ended the night by driving over to Sea World for the fireworks display, which was the perfect climax to a wonderful holiday weekend in San Diego!

The fun was far from over though. The following day was my birthday so my husband and I took a drive up to Oceanside to have lunch at our favorite fish and chips place by the harbor. He also surprised me with kites, so we flew them on the beach and just enjoyed the sea breeze and beauty before us. We had originally planned to go somewhere overnight, but after all the previous events this was truly the best way to spend the day. And how did it end? With a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, topped with a fat slice of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and opening some amazing gifts!