Monday, July 25, 2011

Backyard Fun!

A couple days ago I posted some classic drive-in ads [LINK]. Well, if you love drive-ins as much as me, why not create your very own outdoor theater? Of course you need to have the property and play funds to do this, but it's definitely a great way to bring the drive-in atmosphere to your own backyard. Another consideration is the climate you live in. Those in warmer regions would be able to watch movies outside year-round, which could make it more of a worthy investment.

Many people seem to be catching onto this trend. In fact, there is a website called Backyard Theater specifically for people who want to show off their set up. It also has tons of tips and links to info on projectors, screens, sound systems and more. Some are quite elaborate and here are a few of my personal favorites:

Go for a dip and play some volleyball to your favorite summer flick!

Nice way to relax on a summer evening or even on a cold winter night!

This has a beachy feel, but also great for Halloween movies in the Fall!

Park your boat and watch a film from the water with your family!

My dad's set up!

As you can see from this last picture, my own father has really got into his backyard theater, so for his birthday my siblings and I pitched in to get him this retro style kettle popcorn maker. It was a nice added touch, and he has been very pleased with it.

Of course there are many to choose from, and one of the best websites for a variety of fun food makers is Nostalgia Electrics. They have everything from various sizes of popcorn makers to hot dog rollers, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, donut makers and more!

If you're really ambitious, you can even make your very own personalized 20th Century Fox logo (shown below) to play before the film. You can find instructions on the video info or by visiting this [LINK]

Well, there ya have it - lots of ideas and resources for turning your backyard into a theatrical wonderland. Only problem is, how to get your family, friends and neighbors to go home! If you don't feel you can splurge on such luxuries at the moment, you can always enjoy the popcorn!

P.S. Thanks Dad for the inspiration to do this post! Love ya lots! -J