Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drive-In Movie Ads

Summer isn't over yet, but I'm sure you've managed to check off a few things from your must-do list for the season. One thing is an absolutely MUST - did you remember to hit your local drive-in? If not, I strongly encourage you to make time to pile the family in the car, or make it a romantic venture for two, as the drive-in is where you will certainly make memories to last a life time!

As I mentioned in a previous post [LINK], this is one of my very favorite summer activities, and living in San Diego allows me the luxury to enjoy it all year. Although it's nice to go to a theater, there is nothing quite like rolling down the windows, cranking the car stereo and munching away on snacks to a double feature.

One of the things I especially enjoy about drive-ins is the feeling of stepping back in time. Most have changed very little over the years, including those great ads they play before the film and during intermission. Just for fun, I thought it would be great to look back on some of these classic ads, and hopefully it will inspire some to support their local drive-in while they are still around!

Can't get enough of drive-in nostalgia? Check out this great documentary called "Drive-In Movie Memories", as aired on PBS and starring Leonard Maltin or this DVD with 136 hours of "Classic Drive-In Intermission Ads"!

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