Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards

It's a little early for Christmas, and it's not even 'Christmas In July', but I thought I would spread a little cheer by sharing some vintage Christmas cards I scanned from my collection. I've posted these as high quality images, so feel free to download and print them for your holiday projects!

I found these at a yard sale a few years ago and always found the nativity themes particularly special.

Can't say I would mind riding over those snowy hills "in a one horse open sleigh" in that Currier & Ives type setting either!

These last two were actually sent to me by my friend and fellow Christmas lover, Jim, over at Christmas Movies & Music. This is a great example of cards worth keeping!


Ann Nichols said...

Well, we are kindred spirits ... that's for sure! Loved this post! Thanks so much!

Jakki said...

So glad you enjoyed them - after looking at many vintage cards online the Nativity ones seem unique, so I am glad to share them!