Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Hurricanes

It's not officially Fall yet, but most kids have gone back to school and now that Labor Day is behind us, it definitely feels like the end of Summer. So why not get a jump on some of your Fall decorating? If you want a fun and easy project, I have just the thing! I came across a tutorial online to make these Fall Hurricanes and decided to give it a shot! They are inexpensive and only take about 10 minutes to make. Most of the supplies can be found at the dollar store. I had trouble finding the hurricane vases, so I picked these up from Walmart for about $3 each. Creating a pair will only run you $6-$10!

Basically you just hot glue the candlesticks to the base of the hurricane, add a tall glass candle and fill it with whatever you want. I chose to use these gold, sparkly leaves. Be sure to remove all stickers before you begin the project! If you'd like to see more of a step by step demonstration, check out these sources:

Sycamore Blog: dollar store version of the WS glass hurricane


Dollar Tree Turoial: