Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas In July Party!

This month is halfway over, but we've noticed a growing trend of people celebrating Christmas In July and hosting parties this time of year. So in that spirit, we thought we'd share a variety of ideas with others who may be planning to get in on the Summer holiday fun and host a Christmas In July party of their very own!

  • Invitations: Send your guests invitations for your party to let them know when and where the event takes place and what to bring. You can use regular store bought invitations, but there are also many free printables online as well. Another option is to use Facebook or Evite to invite your guests. Plan a theme or activity, such as crafting, making ornaments, baking, watching movies or even holding a fundraiser for a good cause.

  • Activities: If you plan to hold the party outdoors, instead of horseshoes, why not paint them red and green and call it Reindeer shoes? One way to stay cool in the hot sun is to have a "snowball fight" using white or blue water balloons! If the party is going to be indoors, you can host a cookie decorating or ornament making party. Another fun activity is simply to have a Christmas movie marathon.

  • Music: Of course you can always choose to play classic Christmas music, but a more unique approach would be to go with something more fitting to Summer; such as the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet or Hawaiian and Reggae Christmas music. Here are few suggestions, along with a PLAYLIST we created on YouTube to get you inspired!

There are so many creative and fun ways to celebrate this fun, quirky holiday. Just be creative and try to think of other ways to make Christmas In July a fun tradition. Feel free to share any ideas you may have as well!

Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas on how to make
your Christmas In July party the best on the block!


Unknown said...

Liked your idea of having Christmas in July party. Really appreciated your idea and efforts too. Going to organize a party at home as last time we did it at local Los Angeles venues. Will surely use this idea of drink umbrella wreath for d├ęcor and strawberry santa in menu.

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