Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Featured Music by the Beach Boys

Labor Day has passed, and even though Summer doesn't officially end until the 22nd of this month, for most of us, this is our bookend to days at the beach or by the poolside. Before we turn our thoughts to changing leaves and caramel apples, I'd like to offer this final farewell to those glorious sunny days.

This song is aptly titled Summer's Gone and comes from the Beach Boys 2012 album, That's Why God Made The Radio. The remaining original members got back together for a last hurrah, with an overall theme of reminiscing on the good times in the past and living those out one last time. In fact, this particular song is about more than lamenting the passing of another season, but actually reflects on the end of an entire era. A reminder of how time flies and things change, but it's nice to know that whatever age, it's never too late for our own last hurrah!