Friday, October 4, 2013

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party!

Since October has made its appearance, most Fall activities are up and running (apple picking, haunted houses etc). Of course that means the excitement of Halloween is just starting to build as well. One of the best parts of Halloween is throwing a Halloween party! Here are some great tips to make your party a spooky hit.....

  • Add some Orange, purple or green light to the room to give it a festive and spooky feel as guests arrive. Halloween lights now come in so many shapes and color combination, so you can really get creative in this department!

  • Purchase a few great albums with sounds from the Haunted House or spooky music. If you really want to customize it, make your own mix! Just be sure to include plenty of ghosts, ghouls, witches and chains rattling around to give your party guests a chill! Most importantly, know your audience by choosing an age appropriate soundtrack for your party.

  • Spooky stories in the dark can be a fun and frightening way to make the night memorable (but could also lead to bad dreams!!!). Make up your own on the spot, turn it into a game where everyone gathers in a circle and takes turn building on the story, or find some good short stories to read or act out in dramatic style.

Here are a few books to consider:

  • Have a fun assortment of Halloween themed food and drinks on the table. Perhaps some Mummy Dogs and Witches Brew to drink...these are simple snacks and drinks that can make for a festive Halloween spread.

  • Hold a pumpkin carving contest and include a prize for the one voted 'Best Looking Pumpkin' at the party. Something simple like a gift card for Starbucks, iTunes, Best Buy or a popular restaurant is sure to motivate creativity. Be sure to provide plenty of carving tools and templates or inform your guests if they are required to bring their own.

Remember, the spookier the better, people love a good scare on Halloween so don't skimp on the decorations! Atmosphere is everything, so you'll want to have skeletons hanging on the door, jack o lanterns on the porch and ghosts all over the house. Have a great party!!!!

For more tips to make your Halloween party memorable check out our Pinterest page!