Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten Months 'Til Christmas!

It's exactly 10 months until Christmas Day! So, what did I do to mark this dubious occasion? Today I stopped into our San Diego mega Christmas store, City Lights, to see what was cooking. Having never truly gotten over Christmas passing, I was more than a little excited to surround myself in a plethora of yuletide trappings. We practically had the place to ourselves too. It's a fairly large store, though not quite as big as Bronner's in Michigan (near where we used to live). I am just grateful we have a place like this in San Diego at all...I think it may be the only one in all of California that is this big.

The owners really focus on certain brands and collectibles, so some of it's very pricey, but just beautiful to look at. I couldn't help but notice that the Christmas trees were decorated especially beautiful right now...I was very inspired! They also have an amazing Dept. 56 display, only part of which did I take a photo of. I could just look at that thing for hours! I love the Halloween room too, but it was especially nice to see some of the Easter decor, as I've never been in the store this time of year. Here are some photos I took while there...

This was the display located at the entrance just as you walk into the store. Such Olde World charm!

I fell head over heels for these pink, white and mint green flocked trees.

I really thought this tropical tree with parrots was unique!

Ahhh Dept. 56 display...I love imagining what it would be like to live in one of these villages.

I adore this scene with Santa and Mrs. Claus dancing on the ice. How romantic! :)

They also had some beautiful Easter merchandise out! I love especially loved the stuffed Easter carousel figures and Santa as the Easter Bunny.

Can't forget about a little Halloween either...such a fun room to explore, full of all kinds of strange and wonderful things! I especially loved the vintage style glitter houses, similar to the Putz kind you see for Christmas.