Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Once again we have come to the close of another Labor Day, which for most working people means a 3 weekend.  Although its original purpose was to acknowledge the hard work and contributions of employees, it has also come to be the latter portion of a bookend with Memorial Day, marking the beginning and end of the Summer season.  For many this is an opportunity for a last hurrah before the colder months settle in.  We're really no different, although the warmer temps will certain sustain a bit longer.  Still, we thought we would make the best of the 3 day weekend and enjoy the bright sunshine.

On Friday my husband, Jess, was released from work early, so we decided to hit the beach and then have dinner at our favorite super salad bar, Souplantation.  We stopped at Blockbuster afterward, since they are both conveniently within walking distance, and picked up a movie to finish the evening off.  We chose Summer Rental, starring John Candy and directed by Carl Reiner, which seemed an appropriate choice to squeeze in before the end of the season.

On Saturday we woke bright and early to hit the swap meet and a couple thrift stores for their holiday sales.  Just when it seemed like we weren't going to have much luck finding anything particularly wondrous at the swap meet, we stumbled upon a vendor with a $1 table that contained some surprisingly nice things.  For starters I found a bag of nice misc. shells, a box of ocean theme potpourri and a large shell to hang on the wall.  These are perfect for our beach decor since I was still looking to add a few more things.  Later that night I was able to put it all together for my living room, bedroom and kitchen:

I also found a porcelain nativity for our TV stand, an adorable snowman ornament and 3 spinning ornaments that were originally sold at Blockbuster in 1999. I already had the Charlie Brown Christmas one, so I was happy to complete the collection by getting the ones with Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman and Annabelle's Wish:

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach once again and had dinner at UNO's Chicago Grill.  On Sunday we decided to stay home and do some deep cleaning around the house and then went to the 5pm service at church.  Afterward we stopped into Trader Joe's for some peanut butter filled pretzels and hot fudge to make our own sundaes, then we cuddled up and watched Mutiny On The Bounty, a movie based on a true story and starring the amazing Clark Gable.  A truly great adventure on the high seas!

Monday was the actual holiday so we had to decide how exactly to spend it.  If I had my choice I would have loved to do some camping, but we just weren't prepared for all that.  Instead, we chose to go to a small waterpark in Vista, called The Wave.  What was also nice about making the trip up to Vista was the fact that it's so close to Oceanside, which has a great little fish and chips shack at the marina near the beach  We decided to have dinner there and walk around the shore a bit.

Overall, we had a wonderful time together and I was definitely sad to see it come to an end.  Hope you had a great one as well!  Summer isn't quite over, so I still have a few activities to look forward to yet, which I will post about in time.


Kristin said...

Man, you go to a lot of restaurants! Well, when it's just the two of you . . . it's mostly Dunkin' Donuts coffee for us.

Sounds like a fun time, but relaxing at home has a lot more appeal to me lately. Our Labor Day was filled with back-to-school labor, but I managed to get most of it done. Whew!

Jakki said...

Yes, when there is just two of you it's just easier sometimes...and cheaper, believe it or not. It certainly doesn't hurt to cut the cost in half with coupons. Allows you to go out more often without spending a fortune.