Sunday, September 13, 2009

Target Halloween Merchandise

Stopped into Target tonight to take a look and see if they put out their Fall stock. I was very impressed with their new lines, particularly with the items in their little bargain bins at the front. They had an exceptional variety of fun little trinkets and stationary. What I loved most were these little Peanuts Halloween themed lip balms, in flavors like Caramel Apple, Candy Corn and Chocolate Fudge. They even come with a little bonus sticker! Speaking of stickers, they had quite the supply to choose from. Even a large book of over 300 Thanksgiving stickers, perfect for cards or other craft projects.

In the actual seasonal department, near the back of the store, there were many treasures to behold! Lots of fun things for kids and adults alike.  Aside from the typical costumes, you will find all kinds of top notch party merchandise such as yard decor, lights, strobe and fog machines (even one with bubbles), party games, tableware, baking molds, baking kits, CDs with spooky music and sounds, DVDs, party favors and the neatest of all - large ice molds for your punch bowl (in the shape of a brain, hand or foot). As for Fall accessories, I was impressed with the many elegant choices in wreaths, candle holders and other decorative pieces and dishes. Target always out does the competition, in terms of quality, style and cost, so be sure to stop in or check out their website to see for yourself!