Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome Our New Author!

As of today, I am excited to welcome Kristin, a new author of 'Tis The Season'.  She is my sister and shares a true love for seasons and holidays, like myself.  She is a resident of a small town in New Hampshire, located in the Northeastern United States, and a dedicated homeschooling mother of 10!  This is in great contrast to my experience as a wife with no children, living in San Diego, which is a large city located in the Southwestern United States.  She certainly has a great deal to contribute, as she is an excellent writer and photographer as well.  We believe that our differing perspectives will enrich 'Tis The Season' by bringing a greater variety of content to our readers.  May this be a blessing as we approach this upcoming holiday season!


Sally said...

What a great team you will make! I look forward to all the postings and hope to be inspired for the upcoming holidays!