Monday, May 31, 2010

Photographing Spring Blooms

Spring is lovely everywhere you go, but for us northerners there is a special delight in viewing the world renew itself after a long winter's sleep. There is a physical response to the warmth of the sun and the sight of things green that we wouldn't appreciate and respond to so much had it not been for months of a white and barren landscape. Little dots of color in the midst of it all just add pure joy to the experience and wonder at God's artistic hand.

I am compelled to go outside again and take in deep breaths. I glory in the newness around me and dream and plan for the beauty ahead . . . spring and fall are the times I am most compelled to get my camera out and take shots of something besides my children. I MUST try and capture this beauty, and though my attempts are feeble, I never give up. Of course, sharing with others is another great excuse to try and I'm happy to have a forum here.

Here are some early, spring blooms -- some of the more common ones you'll find in the northeast. Of course, they are perennials and only last a little while (thus another reason for photos) and that makes their time even more special. Our first gifts and promises of more to come.

Our fist glimpse of color: crocus. Yellow or purple, they are very much welcome!

Then come the tulips -- my favorite perennial of all:

Little buds all over the bushes -- promises of green and berries:

Lovely tulip magnolia:

And the sunny daffodil:

Part of the fun of photography is capturing the essence of where you live. There are plants, animals, and landscapes unique to your region -- consider getting the camera out and making a small tribute album. It reminds us of what we love about our homes -- and if you don't love your home already, an album like that might change your mind.

Enjoy the remainder of our glorious spring!


Jakki said...

Beautiful shots! We still have flowers in bloom, but next year I will have to make more of an effort to capture some of them.

Jenny said...

Lovely photos of spring flowers. So fresh with vibrant colors what a true delight. Here is SC my gardens are in full bloom with gorgeous blooms, plenty of vistors of bees, butterflies and even our friends the hummingbird. LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing!