Friday, May 28, 2010

A War Movie Marathon

For the next 72 hours, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be airing a Memorial Day Weekend War Movie Marathon. It features 22 movies, which will play between May 28-31. Here's a look at the current schedule:

Friday, May 28,2010 6:00 AM
The Lost Patrol The Lost Patrol

Friday, May 28,2010 7:15 AM
Dive Bomber Dive Bomber

Friday, May 28,2010 9:30 AM
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Friday, May 28,2010 12:00 PM
Command Decision Command Decision

Friday, May 28,2010 2:00 PM
God is My Co-Pilot God is My Co-Pilot

Friday, May 28,2010 3:30 PM
Battleground Battleground

Friday, May 28,2010 5:30 PM
Sergeant York Sergeant York

Friday, May 28,2010 8:00 PM
Tuesday, June 22,2010 8:45 AM

Stalag 17 Stalag 17

Friday, May 28,2010 10:15 PM
The Great Escape The Great Escape

Friday, May 28,2010 1:15 AM
The Bridge on the River Kwai The Bridge on the River Kwai

Friday, May 28,2010 4:00 AM
King Rat King Rat

Saturday, May 29,2010 6:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22,2010 2:00 AM

You're in the Army Now You're in the Army Now

Saturday, May 29,2010 8:00 AM
Tuesday, June 22,2010 10:15 PM
Sunday, July 25,2010 8:00 PM

Buck Privates Buck Privates

Saturday, May 29,2010 9:30 AM
In Harm's Way In Harm's Way

Saturday, May 29,2010 12:30 PM
Battle of the Bulge Battle of the Bulge

Saturday, May 29,2010 3:30 PM
Battle of Britain Battle of Britain

Saturday, May 29,2010 5:45 PM
Midway Midway

Saturday, May 29,2010 8:00 PM
The Best Years Of Our Lives The Best Years Of Our Lives

Saturday, May 29,2010 11:00 PM
Pride of the Marines Pride of the Marines

Saturday, May 29,2010 1:15 AM
Birdy Birdy

Saturday, May 29,2010 3:30 AM
Let There Be Light Let There Be Light

Saturday, May 29,2010 4:45 AM
The Secret Invasion The Secret Invasion

Sunday, May 30,2010 6:30 AM
Battle Cry Battle Cry

Sunday, May 30,2010 9:30 AM
Darby's Rangers Darby's Rangers

Sunday, May 30,2010 12:00 PM
The Dirty Dozen The Dirty Dozen

Sunday, May 30,2010 2:45 PM
Monday, July 19,2010 12:15 AM

The Guns of Navarone The Guns of Navarone

Sunday, May 30,2010 5:30 PM
The Green Berets The Green Berets

Sunday, May 30,2010 8:00 PM
Tuesday, June 22,2010 5:30 PM

Mister Roberts (1955) Mister Roberts (1955)

Sunday, May 30,2010 10:15 PM
Thursday, June 3,2010 4:45 PM

Operation Petticoat Operation Petticoat

Sunday, May 30,2010 12:30 AM
Four Sons Four Sons

Sunday, May 30,2010 2:45 AM
Paisan Paisan

Sunday, May 30,2010 5:00 AM
Nazty Nuisance Nazty Nuisance

For more information, visit the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) website.


Kristin said...

Wow, wouldn't it be fun to just sit down and watch all of them, one right after another? Exhausting, but exhilerating!

Jakki said...

Yes, there are quite a few in here I would like to see!