Friday, May 28, 2010

Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which we basically view as a blast off into Summer! The temperatures around the country have certainly been reflecting that sentiment, with many areas getting past 90 degrees, so I can only assume that most of you have already pulled out your Summer clothes and are ready to fire up the ol' grill. 3 day weekend, here we come!

In many ways this holiday is celebrated much like our Independence Day, except without fireworks. Traditionally we tend to spend our Summer feast with family at the park, or even camping. But like the Fourth Of July, let's be sure to also take time out to remember those brave soldiers who died while serving in the military. Sure, we all enjoy an extra day off of work and hanging with loved ones, but the purpose of the holiday is far greater than just having a BBQ. It's another opportunity to celebrate our freedom and honor those who made it possible!