Friday, June 11, 2010

Enjoying Spring

Spring in New Hampshire. It's very strange, unpredictable, and beautiful. I'm not sure what the rest of the country is like right now, but we are up and down and all over the (weather) map.

We started May with snow and ended in the '90s. Though not quite as hot going into June, it remained warm enough to warrant a visit to the pool and the backyard hose, but a few days ago, late fall decided to pay a little visit. Where else can you go from blasting the AC to shutting all the windows and putting on a sweater all within a 24-hour span?!

I still love spring. I NEED it, as you can imagine, after our long, frigid, dark winter. The seasons feed my soul. There isn't one I don't love in its own way. (Yes, even winter.) I know that I am blessed to live in a place that experiences all four very distinctively, but we get the added bonus of extra beauty and fun, too!

In winter, it is "Currier and Ives" here. It inspired Robert Frost. We are buried in a blanket of white and, more often than not, it remains unspoiled. If you love winter sports, you are at home in NH.

Besides the welcome weather, we relish in the glory of spring here because of our vast variety of flora and fauna. Blooms of many kinds and green as far as the eye can see. (Being 95% forest helps.)

Summer is a divine mix of warm, humid days (thanks to our seacoast) -- perfect for swimming and lounging -- and chilly nights. Wildlife is abundant and it is often comfortable enough to actually enjoy walking around a theme-park in mid-July!

Fall is our crowing glory. The time that brings tourists from all over the world to view our famous foliage. But we locals know there are secret spots all over the state and those cool, crisp days mean everything as we respite from the heat and glory in the holidays ahead. Apple picking, pumpkin patch, and haunted houses abound!

But lest you envy me too much, know that wherever you are, it's beautiful, too. Of course, I can only speak of the USA, but if you reside here, you are golden.

Recently, my DH and I spent a weekend in a big city -- well, big by our standards. It has over 100,000 people and buildings more than 10 stories high. Enough to impress our small-town senses. We sat at an outdoor cafe and watched the traffic and people go by and loved every minute of it! Most people like to escape the city in the summer, but I realized how fun it is to do the opposite. It was just heaven. So much to see and do. I don't care what city (or suburb) you reside in, there is something beautiful and fun to do there!

I grew up in southern Michigan. The cities and towns there are often run down and the suburbs are little better, but there were many pockets of beauty and joy there. Lakes, rivers, parks, zoos . . . even if you are in the heart of concrete, you rarely have to drive very far anywhere in this country to find a rural landscape. Believe me, I've been in and out of New York City several times and if it can happen there it can happen anywhere!

So, get out and enjoy this blessed season -- summer is almost upon us! Get the camera out and start documenting! Pick up your local paper and look for all the fun, outdoor activities and if you are in the deep south, do the opposite (look for indoor. Unless you live by water. If so -- then get thee hence!) This is the time! School is out (or will be soon), vacation time is coming, and you can even stay close to home if you'd like.

Or take a trip to New Hampshire. It's glorious here in the summer. ::grin::


Jakki said...

Couldn't agree with your sentiments more - there is something to appreciate wherever you live! Sometimes it's just a matter of visiting the parks and rec website for your town or driving off the beaten path a little. We are certainly fortunate to live in a vast, diverse country. Many people need only to drive a short distance to experience completely different landscapes, all without having to cross a border.