Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peanuts Halloween Display

Of all the holiday collectibles in the world, nothing is more beloved by me than the Peanuts. A few years ago I was able to pick up a couple sets from a Great Pumpkin display by Memory Lane. Last year Forever Fun released some new Peanuts figures dressed in Halloween costumes and available exclusively at CVS. The ones available were Charlie Brown as Dracula, Lucy as a witch, Schroeder as the Phantom of the Opera and Snoopy as the Masked Marvel. I picked them up but felt limited on how to display them. Imagine my joy when I saw they finished the collection this year with Linus as Frankenstein, Sally as the Bride of Frankenstein and Snoopy as the Mummy (with Woodstock as an archaeologist)! Now it contains all of the classic monsters, which makes for a great collection, retail at $6.99 each.

I decided to move the Masked Marvel Snoopy over to the Great Pumpkin set and place the World War I Flying Ace in the pumpkin patch where he tricks Linus and Sally into thinking the Great Pumpkin is rising. I haven't done much to the background of the Monsters series, but I have an idea for a haunted house theme that I'd like to develop. The fun thing about sets like these is that you can always add to or change them up from year to year.

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