Thursday, August 25, 2011

SeaWorld Visit!

One of the great benefits of living in San Diego is having one of the great SeaWorld locations right in our backyard! When we lived in Michigan we had the chance to visit the SeaWorld in Cleveland before it ultimately closed. It's a fun place to visit on vacation, but for the locals it's the place to go at any given time!

On our first visit to SeaWorld in San Diego, we decided to get 2 year passes. We've certainly gotten plenty of use out of those passes, as we visit about once a month. Of course it is a place you can spend the entire day, but we prefer to go for a couple hours at a time. No reason to rush or exhaust ourselves - we go on our terms!

For the most part, our frequent trips are planned with purpose. Sometimes we go to see specific shows, and for a truly romantic evening we attend the night shows. Other times we like to walk through the aquariums, look at the exhibits, feed the dolphins or go on rides. During the holidays there are also special shows and attractions, which keep us coming back as well.

Summer time is definitely the busiest season of all for SeaWorld, and we found that out once again when we decided to see the new Shamu show, One Ocean, last weekend. A month earlier we went to a members-only sneak peek at the new Sea Turtle Reef. There really is always something new to do and we've yet to grow tired of visiting. Right now I am looking forward to the opening of Manta, the new roller coaster currently under construction!

Of course I realize that not everyone is as fortunate to have a SeaWorld close by, but with locations in San Diego, Florida and Texas, it's definitely worth visiting the closest location to you. Summer vacation is always ideal, but any time of the year will do!

Photos courtesy of SeaWorld