Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer in New England

When is the best time to come to New England? Most people think of autumn right away and for good reason -- our foliage is renown the world over. Others think of winter -- “Currier and Ives” and all these mountains for skiing. Of course, spring is beautiful in any place where you have four seasons; certainly poem-worthy in New Hampshire... Then there are the snowbirds who must come back for summer.

Summer means GREEN in New England. NH is 95% deciduous forest and that means foliage of innumerable kind. The variety is astonishing and keeps things interesting all year around, particularly after 6 or so months of bareness and white. This is also a very wet part of the country, thanks to our geographical location via the jet stream and a big wide ocean to our right -- a LUSH green.

People from the south love to come to New England in the summer. It is a beautiful escape from their tropical haven. Not to say that it never gets hot and humid here (did I mention we are wet and reside near an ocean?) But those days are usually short-lived and are peppered with unexpected cool times and consistently chilly nights. It’s rare to find central air conditioning in a residence here in New Hampshire. You might find window units, but fans are plenty for many folks. Our days are still shorter than the rest of the country, so we get quite the cool-down overnight as well (if you doubt me, ask the campers around here.)

Good weather and beautiful scenery make for fun summer times in New England. Where I am, the mountains call, peppered with lakes and ponds. A paradise for hiking, camping, and exploring. Again, as NH is vastly forest-covered, there is not so much to offer for urban-lovers, but you can always head “south” for that (MA, RI, CT.) Up here, nature is your option and the primary call for visitors.

Besides amazing mountain views and activities, we do have the Atlantic Ocean and famed rocky shores. Yes, the water is unbearably cold here even in the hottest times, but the wildlife and beauty is something to behold. For warmer, shallower, and more resort-like shores, there are the capes.

In a rural place like New Hampshire, you have to expect a lot of old-fashioned entertainment. Country fairs, hokey “amusement parks”, music on the never-ending “greens”, antique shops, farms, and other local attractions can keep you busy enough, while the charm and nostalgia of our quaint villages and towns just add to the experience.

I think you get the picture! Northern New England is likely how you imagine it. Summer is very special here, but you will not regret a visit any time of the year!


Jakki said...

Been there at 2 different times of the year, once in December and s couple times in May. It's a beautiful place to I only wish I could see it in the Fall some time!