Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dreaming of Fall

Well, it's almost that time of year. Kids are gearing up to go back to school, the days are getting shorter and most stores are pulling out their Fall stock. Of course I couldn't resist picking up a couple pieces of decor, which makes it pretty much impossible to contain my desire to start decorating. Still, I know that August isn't quite over so I will restrain myself a bit longer.

Now, I don't feel entirely too guilty for picking up a few pieces here and there. After all, I got rid of almost all my belongings a year ago so it's a matter of restocking. Perhaps I should explain further. Last year my dear husband and I moved to San Diego, CA from Rochester Hills, MI. Rochester Hills is a suburb of Detroit, and a state where we both have spent the majority of our lives aside from a brief time in Virginia when we first got married, and the couple years I lived in Florida with my family as a child. By nature, my husband and I are somewhat adventurous and were in need of change. We had always dreamed of moving to San Diego so we finally decided to sell our home, car and belongings, rent a mini van for the most important stuff and make the big move.

Believe me, it wasn't as simple as it sounds in a one sentence summary. Of course we had fears and trepidations, but we knew time was running out. We knew the longer we put it off the harder it was going to be to make a big move, so we felt it was time for some drastic measures. Leaving everything you know can be so difficult, especially when you're heading into the unknown. Neither of us had ever been to San Diego so it was a gamble, but we were comforted by the fact that we could always return to Michigan if things didn't work out. We would also have the satisfaction of knowing that we fulfilled our dream.

It's about a month away from being a year since we pulled into town and so far San Diego has surpassed our expectations. Aside from the gorgeous weather and terrain, we have met some wonderful people and it has also allowed my husband and I to connect in a new way. God's hand has been on us every step of the way, including how He has opened doors for employment and living arrangements. That makes all the difference!

Having arrived in September, we got here just in time for the Fall season. It was probably the one thing I knew I would miss the most about Michigan, as the Detroit area is such a fun place to be in the Fall. Along with the cool breezes and changing leaves, it's also famous for the vast amounts of haunted attractions and activities. We took advantage of them at every turn! Now we had to find new and exciting things to do during the Fall. Thankfully we were informed early on about a town in the mountains about an hour away called Julian. Although Julian is in San Diego County, it's a town that experiences four seasons and is known for their delicious apple pie, cider and other apple products. It gave me so much joy to know that we had a place to experience Fall as we knew it!

As for the city of San Diego, I was still surprised by the amount of changing leaves that took place. I expected absolutely nothing, so to even see a section of trees with those red and orange leaves made my heart sing! I was also happy to discover that they had plenty of their own exceptional events. Of course I'm still learning what to do and where to go, but that's part of the fun, right? I have already begun dreaming up plans for this Fall season and am still discovering new things as I continue my research. I'll be sure to share these experiences as I go!


srsrox said...

Well good luck finding fun and i'll be looking foreward to your posts! :)